Due to the construction of the Multilevel car parks, shops and apartments. The only car parking available is at the Multilevel carpark. Getting to the restaurant is relatively easy, here are the suggestions; –    Enter the newest, tallest and biggest building multilevel carpark in Springvale via Balmoral Ave (near Springvale Rd) –    Park your car and take the lift to the ground floor. –    Follow the…

Menu Images

Picture of the dishes is currently being added, to view the picture please click on the menu item number. It will pop up a small window showing the picture of the dish.

Thank You

It’s been a while this page has been updated. Recently we have received some emails showing support for the restaurant. We thank you for whom have spent their valuable time and effort. Once again, thanks. Keep them coming, compliment or complaint.

New & Revised Menu

The new and revised menu has been updated and is now serving. There are few new dishes were added. To our regular patrons please take note of the price change. Due to our meat & vegetables suppliers had increased their prices twice therefore we have to pass on.

Upper Floor Renovation

Currently we are renovating the upper floor with the cherry board wall panels and wall lights. It’s about 70% complete. The second stage would be removing the toilets from upstairs and relocating them down to the back of the kitchen. Then more decor will be designed and installed on upper floor. All projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2006.

New Menu

Hoa Tran would like to announce that the new menu is now serving. As a result, the number in the existing menu has been changed please take note. Thank you for the patience as the menu is being updating.

Featured in “The Age”

We were delighted that “The Age” newspaper in the epicure section has reviewed our restaurant without our knowledge. One of the reviewer notified us when they required to take pictures of the restaurant for the review.  The review  will be published 6/June/06 Tuesday in the epicure section titled “undiscovered territories”